What’s In My Summer Travel Hair Bag?

Hot, long days, blue skies, family trips, barbecues, fishing, wading in the pool, and tall jars of sweet tea with a twist of lemon…. 

I love the sounds and smells of summer. Vibrant colors are everywhere during the summer. As I stand at the open kitchen window, I smell fresh-mowed lawn. On, the left side of the window is brownish-green bushes sprouting beautiful pink and purple flowers. In the distance, a rosebush with tiny red and purple buds is blossoming.

My husband enjoys taking the family on spontaneous trips in the summer. He orders us to pack a suitcase, grab our dog, hop in the car, and drive to destinations unknown. But, I’m not a big fan of spontaneous road trips for two reasons: (1) I dislike long-distance driving. I’d sooner hop on a plane, but I don’t live a lifestyle of the rich and famous. So driving is how we travel, and (2) I like to know what and how many hair products to pack.  I won’t worry if the clothes I’m packing are adequate. I’ll look in the closet and throw an armful of summer dresses and sandals into my suitcase.

Unlike, my suitcase, my travel “hair” bag gives me pause. I can’t just throw random items into this bag or I might end up looking a hot mess and not because it’s summer. No, I must handle this bag with tender loving care. Hmmm, let’s see, I don’t know our destination or how long we’re vacationing, but I’ll take the OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. There might be sand at our destination and sand always ends up in your hair.


In addition, I’ll throw in 3 different products I received from a product swap I made with my friend. She had minimal success with these hair care items so I took them off her hands. For your information, trades are an economical way to save money and try different products. 

  • EDEN Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner
  • Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-in Conditioner
  • Not Your Mother’s Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Combing Cream 

Let’s see what else do I need in my bag? Oh yeah, hair ties for lazy days when I wear a curly Afro puff. Coupled with a jumbo silk bonnet (courtesy of RayneStorm) and a silk pillowcase. As a rule, they travel in pairs because the last trip my bonnet fell off during the night and the cotton pillowcase left my hair as dry as a bone. 

Mostly, I have what I need…. wait, I overlooked the disposable caps laying on my bed. I’ll take two of the caps which will double as a conditioning cap and shower cap. And, I’ll let my hair air dry so I won’t need my diffuser.

That’s it! My summer travel hair bag is prepared. Now I’m ready for fun!


Which products are a must-have in your “hair” travel bag? Comment below!


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