3 Ugly Myths About Natural Hair

Most of us know the definition of a myth is “any invented story, idea or concept”  according to dictionary.com, and there are quite a few stories floating around the web about afro-textured hair. Three ugly myths that kept me from natural hair were: my natural hair was too dry, unruly, and unresponsive to wear in any style.

Everyone’s hair is unique and performs in its own way, so is it easier to believe others’ opinions instead of finding your own truth? Perhaps your finding that, like me, your beliefs derive from those around you or even society. I can admit ignorance kept me from my natural hair, and my desire to have long flowing, easy to manage hair like others in my circle.


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And I was happy living in ignorance for years until my discontent and refusal to spend another dime on chemical relaxers prompted a search for alternatives for my hair even though I believed some of the myths were true. I laugh out loud when I think about the day I told my hairstylist of my decision to quit the relaxer and go back to natural. My hairstylist responded with a firm, “You should do it!” I find the memory humorous because I had expected, oh, I don’t know maybe a gazillion reasons why it wasn’t a good idea. But I only received 100% support and suggestions on how I could return to natural hair sans chopping it all off.

Last, this may be obvious, but worth mentioning. If you have doubts, do your research on textured hair care.  Browse this website and check out the natural hair care videos.  Take your time and talk to people who love wearing natural hair as much as I do! It will turn out so much better for you, even if it means a little bit of awkwardness while you navigate through your hair journey. The time and support will connect you to a community that will cheer you on every step of the way!


What myths keep you from your natural hair? Which are the most annoying myths? Has your natural hair journey encouraged others to follow? I would love to hear your comments below!




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