Hair Pleasure Series: Wash Day Is All About The Scalp

Shampoo days are a downer if you don’t carve time away from distractions!

My distractions are everything in my home. From kiddos to the dog. And, when I try escaping to the bathroom to wash my hair, either my daughter, the dog, or both come in for attention. Feelings of guilt overwhelm me as I spot their silhouettes through the shower door.

Often, I put aside wash day because of distractions and guilt. But, when I do, my hair suffers. For instance, I’ve noticed the strands are dull and my scalp gets irritated. Despite my guilty feelings for spending too much time in the shower, I give my scalp the attention it deserves on wash day. I mean my beautiful natural hair doesn’t grow on trees.

Ok, check out my routine as I go all in because wash day is all about the scalp, and I give mine the utmost attention! 

Step One:

First, I clip and buff my fingernails to prevent snags in my hair or accidentally scratches to my sensitive scalp. Then I put a quarter- size heap of shampoo on my scalp and massage for 5-7 minutes from front to back in circular motions. Sometimes, I use a waterproof silicone scalp massager, but prefer the gentle stimulation and relaxation I get from using my fingers. I use Pure Oils Eucalyptus & Honey shampoo. It’s a clarifying shampoo and purifies my hair without stripping its natural moisture.

Step Two:

After a deep pressure massage. I apply a conditioner of choice. At the moment, it’s Pure Oils Eucalyptus & Honey Dry Hair & Scalp Relief Deep Treatment Masque. Wow, it’s a mouthful, but I love how the Eucalyptus soothes my scalp. Second, I might use a detangler brush to work the conditioner through my wet hair, otherwise I use my fingers. I put on a disposable processing cap like folks used to wear back in the 80s when Jheri curls were in style. I’m not hating. I wore a Jheri Curl for years and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the ‘ish.

So, after putting on the processing cap, I then sit under a conditioning cap for 30 minutes. I’m trying out the Gold ‘N’ Hot electric conditioning cap. The product reviews are a mixed bag. There are complaints it doesn’t get hot enough, so I’ll see if the reviews are true. My hubby said I resembled an alien (eye-rolling.. he’s a smart ass and bald) So, hmmm… I’ll ignore his comedic comments.

Step Three:

Later, it’s back in the shower to rinse out the conditioner, which leaves my hair soft. I don’t dry or blot my curls. Add Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla leave-in to hydrate and define my curls, and then layer with my homemade mango butter mix, and Ecostyler gel. I like the Krystal Ecostyler Gel since it has a stronghold that keeps my style in place all week. You should see me, taking selfies, shaking my hair from side-to-side, and telling myself, “You go, girl!” My friends and family always compliment my curls or ask how I get my hair so curly. They assume I’ve twisted or braided it, but I tell them – healthy hair begins with a clean scalp.

So, give your scalp attention on wash days because your hair will reflect the love.


How do you love your scalp on wash day, and how does it make you feel? Are you taking selfies and looking at your glorious mane every time you pass by a mirror? Please hit the like button and share. I can’t wait to read your comments!


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