8 Reasons Why You Need This Hack On Wash Day!

As a mom on the go, these days the quicker I can wash my kiddo’s hair, the better. In a recent story, I talked of washing my daughter’s hair. It was so discouraging! I finished each wash day with wine. Yes, honey, there I sat in my soaked clothes, feet on the dinner table, oldies but goodies playing in the background, and sipping from the bottle. Why use a glass when I’m drinking the whole damn thing!

I love the ease the hack brings to our wash day ritual because it forms a calm wash day for both of us. The hack is straightforward; you detangle and shampoo your kiddos hair outside of the shower. I know it sounds simple and blah, but I’ll give you 8 Reasons Why You Need This Hack On Wash Day!

And, now I enjoy my daughter’s wash days thanks to this easy hack by Queen Naptural85. The benefit’s which I’ve listed below are amazing and I hope you try this hack if you haven’t already done so!

  1. Save water
  2. Reduce wash day from 90 minutes to 1 hour this includes post styling.
  3. No more whining or complaining from my daughter
  4. No clogged drains
  5. Ability to clean daughter’s scalp and hair, thoroughly
  6. Stronger hair growth. Again, I believe it’s due to proper scalp cleansing and not feeling rushed.
  7. Less breakage


Bonus Tip:

My daughter and I are establishing a stronger bond. I no longer fuss because she’s squirming and whining. Instead, we talk of hair care, what hairstyle she wishes to wear, and how long her hair has grown. We’ve even discussed why I apply various products. As a result, our conversations fills me with satisfaction because wash day bonding is more important than achieving a perfect twist out!  In addition, I’m creating positive memories for her to cherish.

In conclusion, I’ve had the best results with this proven hack, and use it All. The. Time. I have also switched MY wash day routine to match this shortcut. Last, you can take my advice or try the hack yourself. I hope you and your kiddos have fun creating memories.


There are many other options to make wash day memorable for your kiddos. What has worked best for you? Is wash day a bonding experience for you and your kiddos? I would love to hear in the comments below!



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