Our Story

“Start a business doing what you love!”

Adore Natural Me founder, Alaina fell in love with being natural after dealing with the constant fuss of maintaining a relaxed hairstyle. Tired of countless hours at the hair salon wasn’t the most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday, but it was the costly maintenance involved to keep up the hairstyle and having to avoid water like it was kryptonite prompted Alaina to seek alternatives for hair care.

Going natural was scary at first as it required learning about natural hair and finding products that fit Alaina‘ hair texture and curl pattern. But the journey was enjoyable as her learning expanded to researching how other natural hair strategists used products to keep their hair flourishing and soon she had a huge database of information and newfound knowledge.

Family and friends noticed the change not only in her hair but in her attitude of redefined beauty and what it meant to be natural. Soon Alaina was taking questions from all directions from women in her circle wanting to know how to become natural.

Her husband, Laphael, admired the new change and the new sexy visage. He even noticed how often people complimented her natural hair, and he told her she should share her resources on a much broader platform.

“There was just so much information out there but it was all over the place. Natural hair videos in one spot, an article in a magazine, and new products only available in local stores. My wife had absorbed so much to where she had become a resource for friends and family. So it only made sense to bring everything together onto one platform.”

Therefore, adorenaturalme.com came to fruition. With the creative talents of her husband by her side and his new interest in natural hair, the duo struck out to launch their own business.

They connected with people in the natural hair community already on the forefront, product developers, and wholesalers.

Our goal is to create a fun and informative site where any person could learn about natural hair tips, ideas, and products in one place.

Thank you for visiting our website. For general inquiries, feedback, or features please contact us here or send an email to contact@adorenaturalme.com