Here Is A Method That Is Helping Tangles And Curls!

A few months ago, I read a natural hair quote that went something like this, “My hair isn’t tangled; my strands just love to cuddle, Author unknown.”  I agree, because it’s another washday and, good Lord, my 11-day-old Wash-n-Go (WNG) is full of tangles. My hair is super curly and those curls love to tangle and cuddle the longer they stay together. But here is a method that is helping my tangles and curls!

1. I knew there was trouble when my fingers got stuck near the roots. Supposedly, we should detangle from ends to root, but I do the opposite because it makes sense to me. My ends aren’t usually tangled it starts from mid-shaft upward. Anyhow, I’m trying to lightly detangle (OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Moroccan Shampoo has a nice slip for my hair texture) but those cuddly strands are holding on for dear life! So, I cleanse my scalp and ignore the tangles for now. Next, it’s back to detangling because if my strands love to cuddle; it’s time to break- up the relationship!

2. I grab my fave conditioner at the moment it’s OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Moroccan. It’s odd that I’m using a shampoo and conditioner from the same line. I rarely do this. Hence, the reason my storage closet resembles a small hair supply store. I squeeze conditioner into the palm of my hands and dive in gradually separating those precious strands, one section at a time, one strand at a time. My progress is slow and laborious, but I can’t talk my hubby into doing it for me. Ooh, wouldn’t it be great to have a personal hair and makeup assistant? Mmm-hmm… I will keep this in mind as my daughter gets older. After all, I gave her life and she owes me, yep!

So, while I detangle my hair, I like to watch one of my favorite YouTubers and Natural hair stylist, Abena Palmore, at Embrace Natural Beauty. She has helped me a lot on my natural hair journey. In fact, she recommends using a fine-tooth comb to remove shed hairs since the space between our fingers isn’t small enough to remove those teeny tiny shed hairs. I saw her hair journey from the big chop to the present and her hair is gorgeous so I typically practice her hair tips. Plus, so far, her tips have produced great results on my hair (fingers and toes crossed). So, after detangling, I run a wide-tooth comb through my strands, and then follow up with a fine-tooth comb to remove any remaining shed hairs.

Likewise, Abena also suggests that you save shed hair so that’s what I do. Yes, I throw my shed hairball on the shelf and keep it until my next wash day when I do a comparison between last wash days hairball and the current hairball. This step is important because I look for signs of unhealthy hair issues such as excessive shedding or breakage. I throw away the old hairball after I complete my analysis. By adopting this tip I keep my hair healthy and hair goals on track.


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Word of caution… let your family know the furball on the shelf is a hairball so they don’t mistake it for a bug and spray Raid on it! Oh, another word of caution is shampoo and conditioner are extremely slippery in the shower. Be careful! I have almost landed bare ass up and on my back. I can tell you it’s not a pretty scene. As my luck would have it; I’d probably fall and need assistance. Nope, I don’t want my kids having that visual floating around in their minds. Awkward!

Finally, you might ask, why don’t I just pre-poo to loosen up those tangles? For those who don’t know pre-poo is a practice of applying an oil or conditioner to hair and letting it sit for hours or overnight before you shampoo. I tried it at the beginning of my journey but didn’t notice any significant difference in the amount of time it took to detangle or the number of tangles in my hair. No, the easy answer is I know better than to wear a Wash-and-Go for 11 days on my hair texture. Some people can do it, but not me it leaves my hair dry and massively tangled! And if you are struggling with dry hair after wearing a hairstyle too long, then check out ” Jumpstart Your Hair With Maple Syrup” post for an awesome hack that will put the moisture back in your hair.


I would love to hear from you! Do you wear your wash-and-go until it’s raggedy and full of tangles? Do you think Pre-poo is necessary? 



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