Jumpstart Your Hair With Maple Syrup!

We all have hair struggles. We’re all looking for a “holy grail” product or ingredient to help achieve our hair goals. And catchy buzzwords entice consumers to buy products that promise beautiful results.

Similarly, products with “moisturize” and/ or “hydrate” emblazoned across the front disappear from store shelves and get thrown into shopping carts. We whip out our coupon book (never leave home without it) and grab as many bottles as we can. Otherwise, running out of a “holy grail” product is akin to craving the last piece of pie and discover someone found your hiding spot and ate it. Grrr!

Speaking of pie…..the thought of food reminds us of hair concoctions that have crossed our desks over the years. Avocado, onion juice, eggs, and okra to name a few. And while a few ingredients surprised us, maple syrup is the biggest discovery, yet. Did you know? Or are we late to the party?

In fact, the beloved maple syrup that turns ordinary pancakes into extraordinary pancakes is a moisturizer for dry hair. We found instructions on the internet for using this ingredient. First, pour the syrup over your dry hair and let it soak for 20 minutes. Then rinse and go ahead with your wash day routine.

Abracadabra, smooth and moisturized tresses in just a few minutes!  So, why not find out for yourself? If you try it, then you’re braver than the marines LOL, and we want to hear from you!

What’s the most outrageous hair foodie ingredient you know? Is there a unique hair foodie recipe that works for you? 



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