How To Get Hydrated Hair In One Day!

Happy Wednesday; I hope you are having an awesome hump day! The warm weather has descended on us and it’s a struggle to keep my hair hydrated.  Day one, two, and three hair are hydrated and moisturized. However, by day four, my hair is dry and tangled. I’ve tested and discarded hair butters and creams that claim to add moisture because, after a few days, it’s all gone.  So, how do I get hydrated hair in one day?

For starters, I deep condition with two deep treatment masques. One treatment is protein-based. I used to be a skeptic of protein-based products. But, I‘ve changed my opinion after testing the following masques. It didn’t take much convincing once I detected a richer, softer head of hair that maintains moisture longer, 4-5 days!


1. My current combination is the Curls Dynasty Pumpkin Mint Deep Treatment Masque (protein-based). The label claims product:

-Infuses and restores moisture

-Grows and helps retain length

-Adds softness, shine, and manageability

-Strengthens weak hair cuticles and prevents breakage

2. The other half of my combo is Pure Oils with Eucalyptus & Honey Deep Treatment Masque. This label claims product:

-Repair, condition, nourish and strengthen dry, damaged hair

-Replenishes moisture


3. Save Time Do 2 Treatments:

After cleaning my hair, I apply the  Curls Dynasty Masque with heat for 15-20 minutes. Jumping out of the shower; I slather my feet with a lavender salt scrub, wrap them in moisturizing socks, and chill with Netflix for the conditioning treatment cycle. Then I hop back in the shower and rinse with warm water. I use this combination every week.


4. Heat or No Heat?

Next, I apply the Pure Oils masque for 7-10 minutes. No heat required. However, I did test the product under a heat cap but saw no changes to my hair when I conditioned with or without heat. But, I will use the product with medium heat at least once a month for a deeper conditioning treatment. Therefore, on most wash days I opt for no heat. Then, I let this masque marinate in my hair under a disposable cap while I’m in the shower taking care of my girly business.

5. Lasting Results:

After a month of testing this Fall/Spring mixture, I’m still celebrating shiny and well-defined twist-outs. Sure there’s still a little frizz, but most of its handmade since I fluff to the max. I’ve enjoyed this Fall /Spring combination and will continue to use it along with another amazing product I can’t stop raving about!


What are your hair hydration combinations for Spring! Do you use the same combo for Summer?


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