Foolproof Tips To Install Faux Locs For Beginners

Since returning to my natural hair I’ve worn two styles 1) Wash-and-Go, and 2) Twist or Braid Out. They bore me and I wanted to wear something low-maintenance for an upcoming week in Rhode Island. The temperatures promised the high 90s which meant I needed my hairstyle to withstand the heat and humidity. So, I searched Youtube for inspiration.

After perusing a few videos, my interest peaked when I stumbled on a Knotless Faux Locs tutorial by Queen Jazz Nicole. I fell in love with the simple installation which didn’t need a crochet hook. Even better, according to the tutorial, it took 4 hours to complete the installation. Perfect, as I only had two days to do my hair before I went on vacation. I never installed Locs but felt confident I could master this foolproof way to install faux locs technique. Ergo, I knew I discovered my summer hairdo.

My Bobbi Boss Nu Locs bundles arrived. Oh wow, the synthetic hair resembled human hair, and I loved it! I realized I had to sacrifice a few Locs while I picked up the wrapping technique so I bought extra extensions. I was eager to get started, but several articles claimed it’s best to pre-soak the Locs in Apple Cider Vinegar or Distilled Vinegar to remove the alkaline base on the hair. If you skip this step, it can cause scalp irritation or itchy shoulders/neck. I worried the hair might smell like vinegar? Oh well, I’ll risk the odor since I set my mind on this style, and I don’t have time for itchy scalp or shoulder syndrome

Black and Brown Bobbi Boss Nu Locs

4 1/2 packs of Bobbi Boss Nu Locs

I washed, deep conditioned, and TRIPLED moisturized my hair days ago. My plans were to get started mid-afternoon and still have enough time to watch a movie with the hubby. All I needed to do was attach each Loc to a section of my hair with a 3- strand braid and then wrap the Loc around the braid. I thought!

 I turned on Being Mary Jane. This show is my jam, and I figured I’d catch up on season 3 while I did my hair. However, things didn’t go according to plan.

While I ripped open the first packet and slide a Loc off of the wire then I sensed something on my left. I glanced up and caught my daughter peeking around the corner. She’s a 6-year-old self-proclaimed princess who has yet to learn that she can’t always get her way. After spying the Locs on my bathroom counter she demanded a few to put in her dolls hair.  I refused her demands. As a result, it took 20 minutes to remove her from the bathroom.

OK, back to the install. I jacked up a few LOCS by wrapping them backward which made the hair unravel. No worries, that’s why I bought extra packets. I wrapped another Loc but sensed another presence, another interruption. This time the hubby wanted to talk. He laid on the bed and talked for the next 30 or 40 minutes about our kids, life, my upcoming vacation, and anything else that came to mind. At last, we concluded our conversation.

I ended up wasting several more Locs because of distractions. Remember, I started the installation expecting it would take 4 hours to complete. But, before I could finish the thought, my daughter came back wanting my attention and something to eat.

Hours later, the house is quiet as everyone slept. I headed to the bathroom with a glass of wine to resume the installation and Being Mary Jane marathon. This time I paid attention as I wrapped each Loc and made fewer mistakes when wrapping.  Eventually, I settled into my groove, and the hours flew by while the darkness outside my bedroom window transitioned into daylight. I didn’t make it to the movies, but I recall feeling happy that I finished my hair 1 day before take off.

My overall experience installing Knotless Faux Locs is awesome. I wash my hair the same as usual and wear a satin bonnet or scarf to bed. And when the LOCS tangle it’s easy to separate with my fingers or cut the loose strands.

I love this style because:

1: The low maintenance and versatility.  I wear the Locs in a bun at the base of my neck, or on the top of my head just to name a couple of styles. Believe me, there are more styles to showcase, and adding hair jewelry elevates these Loc beauties to the next level.

2: I won’t argue over the price point either. I purchased 8 bundles of hair for $66 and some change so that’s around $33 for 4 packs. I only used 4 1/2 packs of hair (I would have used less but I messed up several Locs in the beginning)

3. Another bonus is my hubby loves my new look.

4. The Locs do not pull at my roots since I determine how tight I braid my hair at the roots.

5. Wrapping the hair is straightforward once I figured out how the hair coiled.

Last, I will purchase more bundles for a second install, but for now, I gotta plane to catch….. wheels up!


Check out Queen Jazz Nicole Faux Locs method:





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