4 Essential Must Haves For Dry Hair!

Having a love/ hate relationship with your hair.  We all get to a place in our journey where our hair reaches a plateau. Our hair won’t hold moisture or any hairstyle so our hair ends up in a high puff or under a wig or scarf for the week or even longer. But, wait before you pull out those scissors or clippers with the intent to chop it all off. Here are 4 Moisturizers and Creams that have earned good reviews. I’ve listed their names in random order along with a brief description of their benefits.


1. Annabelle’s Ayurvedic Hair Creme helps add moisture and shine to the dryest hair.


2. TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer gives strands moisture they need and crave for soft, shiny manageable hair.


3. Product Junkie Natural Rosemary-Matcha Green Tea Castor Cream helps detangle, adds shine and strengthen dry hair.


4. Product Junkie Natural Kiss My Kurls Moisturizing Buttercream helps moisturize dry and brittle hair.


Or if you want to save money, check out ” Jump Start Your Hair With Maple Syrup” for an alternative to store-bought products for dry hair.


What moisturizers or hair creams are on your wish list? Please give a shout-out to the ones in your arsenal that has produced beautiful results for your hair texture.


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