5 Essential Must Haves For Dry Hair!

Having a love/ hate relationship with your hair.  We all get to a place in our journey where our hair reaches a plateau. Our hair won’t hold moisture or any hairstyle so our hair ends up in a high puff or under a wig or scarf for the week or even longer. But, wait before you pull out those scissors or clippers with the intent to chop it all off. Here are 5 Moisturizers and Creams that have earned good reviews:

  1. Annabelle’s Creamy Hair Pudding
  2. Annabelle’s Ayurvedic Hair Creme
  3. TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer
  4. Product Junkie Natural Rosemary-Matcha Green Tea Castor Cream
  5. Product Junkie Natural Kiss My Kurls Moisturizing Buttercream


Or if you want to save money, check out ” Jump Start Your Hair With Maple Syrup” for an alternative to store-bought products for dry hair.


What moisturizers or hair creams are on your wish list? Please give a shout-out to the ones in your arsenal that has produced beautiful results for your hair texture. 


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