Create A Stress Free Wash Day in Just A Few Hours!

It can be a challenge to get small children to remain still while doing their hair. We’ve heard distractions such as letting them watch television or combing their hair when they’re sleepy might help, but we don’t know what is fact or fiction. So, we’re asking you to share your true and tried methods with us. In the interim, we went in-house and ask our founder how she takes care of her daughter’s natural hair. In case you missed it ” 8 Reasons Why You Need This Hack On Wash Day” will create another low-key wash day for small children.


What is your daughter’s wash day routine? Products used? 

True By Made Beautiful Moisturizing Shampoo is a staple for my daughter’s hair. First, I part her hair and finger detangle with the shampoo. I opt out of a rinse-out conditioner and use True By Made Beautiful Intense Treatment Masque or Silk Elements Pure Oils Conditioning & Hydration Masque. I apply it to each section and let it marinate in her hair for 30 minutes before rinsing out the masque. Then apply Silk Elements Pure Oils Leave-In Moisturizer to each section from ends to roots.


Do you practice natural hair care with your daughter?

Absolutely! She wears a scarf or bonnet when she is laying on the couch or retiring to bed.  I further describe how the scarf helps with moisture and style retention. And though she doesn’t understand, the regular reminders have established a routine for her. Now, she puts on her scarf without hesitation.

I’ll take risks on my hair with product ingredients, but I use caution on her virgin hair. I prefer the natural ingredients in the True By Made Beautiful, and Silk Elements Pure Oils for my daughter’s hair. Her hair smells so good and lingers in her strands for days.  This is a bonus for me as I hug her often and love to inhale the smell of her hair the same as I did when she was a baby.


What hairstyle (s) does your daughter wear?

As a busy mom, I keep her hair in cornrows. Wearing braids ensures her hair keeps moisture and stays tangle-free. She wears a scarf to bed to keep the style for 5-7 days.


Do you have a Celie Johnson moment when combing or washing your daughter’s hair?

Watch The Color Purple to understand the Celie reference. But, yes, if I wait too long between wash days or leave her cornrows in longer than two weeks, she’s twisting and turning all over the place. I try to wash her hair every 5-7 days to avoid tangles, but it’s not always workable with my hectic schedule. So, in those instances, I use this method to remove her cornrows and wash her hair.



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