6 Insanely Awesome Hair Hacks For The Clueless

Hello and Welcome back! Hacks are a simple, quick way to use everyday items in a creative way. Hacks make life easier so we’re hoping these 6 Insanely Awesome Hair Hacks You Have To Try are helpful to you! We hope you will enjoy and share it! If you can’t get enough of awesome hacks and want more, check out ” Jumpstart Your Hair With Maple Syrup” for more ideas.



This insanely awesome hack is universal since all hair types can relate to hat hair. Grab one or more dryer sheets and run it over your hair to reduce static. Easy and way better than licking your hand and sliding it down your hair strands. Let us know in the comments if you give this hack a try. We think dryer sheets might smell better than spit á la mode!        


Mix 2 teaspoons of unflavored gelatin with a thickening shampoo to boost hair volume and add an insane body. Second, to level up your gelatin game, try protein gelatin for added shine. Rinse out all the shampoo, and proceed to the next step in your wash day routine.


Bananas are a valuable source of potassium, and a quick snack on the go when you’re in a hurry or need to stop those hunger pains. But speaking of being in a rush, on the mornings when you’ve neglected to curl your hair the night before, don’t fret…. just dampen your hair, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, brush your hair, then wrap several bananas around a section of hair like a hair roller. The rollers are awkward, so secure with a bobby pin or rubber band to hold the curls in place. It’s up to you how long you need to keep the bananas in your hair. If you’re brave, wear them on your commute but remove them before entering your workplace.

So, now you have heatless waves or curls, and a nutritional snack to keep in your desk for the rest of the week. BTW, if bananas aren’t your thing; toilet paper rolls work the same.

peeled banana pink backgroung



If you’re trying to give up drinking beer and there’s a 6 pack sitting in your refrigerator…STOP.. don’t throw it away! Did you know your hair will thrive from a good beer rinse to keep it soft and shiny?

Beer will strengthen your locks which will promote hair growth! As a bonus try this hack with ginger beer. Not only is it pleasant on the palate, but ginger is an excellent hair conditioner. Look for brands that contain ‘real ginger’ root. Ginger is a remedy for dandruff, dry, itchy scalp, and hair growth.


Flyaways can ruin any hairstyle not to mention they are annoying as heck. But, you can tame them with a non-stick hairspray and a soft bristle toothbrush. This hack could be an alternative to hair gel to sculpt those edges also known as baby hairs.

  1. EGGS

An oldie but goodie hack! They’re delicious and known for producing stronger, smoother hair that is less resistant to breakage. Pour egg and yolk in a bowl or container and apply to wet hair. Grab a plastic cap or plastic grocery bag to cover your head, but don’t leave on hair longer than 15-20 minutes because eggs have a high protein content. And too much protein may cause hair to feel hard. Rinse thoroughly then apply conditioner and rinse, again. Style away!

eggs sitting in bowl on table



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