1 Question You Should Ask Before Coloring Your Hair

Are you considered natural if you color your hair? To answer this question, we must first explain the terms of natural hair and hair color. By definition, the term refers to hair textured not altered by flat irons, pressing combs, or straightening chemicals such as relaxers or perms. Likewise, hair coloring is a practice of changing your hair color. But, does coloring alter hair texture? And if you’re reading this article, perhaps you have conflicts of your own? And need help to decide if hair coloring or hair dyeing is right for you.

We think it depends on the hair color or hair dye. A temporary or semi-permanent color sits on the hair surface and fades in 1-2 wash days or 5-10 wash days. Chances are slim a hair color will alter hair texture. In contrast, permanent hair dyes penetrate the hair shaft and remain in the hair until new growth replaces the old hair.  As a result, permanent hair dyes have long-lasting chemicals (think ammonia and hydrogen peroxide) that alter your hair texture.

A hair rinse won’t alter the hair texture, and they are like temporary or semi-permanent colors since they cover the surface of the hair.  A well-known rinse called Henna is the powdered leaves of a tropical plant found and grown in South Asian and North African countries. Henna is a gentle way to color natural hair when used as a rinse instead of a dye. Besides, the conditioning from the rinse seals in natural oils and keeps strands healthy.  Another fact worth mentioning is Henna rinses are expensive if applied at a salon, but you can do-it-yourself at home and save money.


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Let’s find out from you: What are your favorite colors or dye friendly brands on the market? Is coloring natural hair an unequivocal no-no?



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