Hair Pleasure Series: A Product That Changed My Hair Journey!

If you’re like me, you have unused hair products in the back of your cabinet or on a shelf. Products you bought for their glowing reviews or you caught them on sale.

You leave the store, bag in hand, excited to see if the product measures up to the hype, right? Wrong, because after you get home, empty your bag, and put your goodies in the bathroom cabinet the novelty wanes. There it sits expiring and collecting dust. This behavior resembles my natural hair life….. buying products and then taking an eternity to try them.

I’m speaking of Tangles and Beyond Weekly Strawberry Protein Whipped Poo. I follow her on Instagram and YouTube but made no effort to purchase until last Mother’s Day. Boy, I’m glad I did because I cracked open the cleanser and I’m impressed by the payoff. As a result, I can’t wait to try different items from this brand.

First, I’m wearing faux locs, and every 30 days I remove them to give my scalp and hair a good cleansing, deep conditioning, and detangling. I can say the cleanser smells DELISH, it’s thick but creamy. Second, I need just a small dollop for my whole head. I start by massaging the cleanser into my scalp, and when the cleanser and water mixed suds were plentiful! Third, when I applied the product it melted into my strands. In addition, the poo enabled me to detangle before washing out the suds.

Given that this cleanser has protein so within minutes after rinsing; my hair feels hard and dehydrated. I skip the rinse-out conditioner and dove into the deep conditioner. Sitting for 20 minutes under my conditioning cap restored the hydration in my strands and removed the straw texture.

Not to mention, I’m thrilled I opened the jar. As I write this article, I’ve used the Tangles and Beyond Weekly Strawberry Protein Whipped Poo five times and love the outcome. Likewise, I’m a fan of shampoos that double as a detangler and this poo does it for my hair texture. In addition, my strands are stronger (reduce shed hair) and they have better hydration retention. Woo Hoo!

But, I need to see how my hair performs after using this product for 30 days. So, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m glad I ordered 2 jars because this holy grail cleanser is amazing! You must follow Tangles and Beyond social media platforms to find out how to buy this good stuff. In conclusion, I’m setting this Game Changer front and center on my shower caddy as I’m reaching for it every WEEK!

*update – my hair loved this product, but check out Tangles and Beyond to see if it’s still available for purchase*



What hair product is a game-changer for you? What must-have products are sitting on your shelf? I’d love to hear your comments!


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