11+ Natural Hair Influencers That Inspire

The natural hair journey can be a rough road to travel alone, but there are experts to help you on the journey towards healthy and flourishing hair. Today, we’re giving you 11+ natural hair influencers that inspire us on our journey!

If you follow these influencers on social media or Youtube then you know there are countless reasons why they inspire natural hair goals, and it would take too long to list them all here.

But, we can say their graciousness is the biggest reason to find inspiration. Each influencer gives us a platform to learn about Afro-textured hair care, share our hair failures and successes, feel beautiful about our textured natural hair, and most importantly never give up on our hair goals!

These Queens and Kings taught us valuable lessons about our hair that some of our own mama’s didn’t teach us!

    • They taught us that afro-textured hair is beautiful no matter the texture.
    • They taught us that textured hair does grow.
    • They taught us that textured hair needs moisture, and there is a proper way to moisturize it.
    • They taught us the meaning of good vs. bad product ingredients.
    • They taught us that our textured hair can be worn in various styles.

Note, this short list isn’t inclusive and the names are not listed in any particular order:

  1. Whitney aka Naptural85
  2. Jessica aka Mahogany Curls
  3. Abena aka Embrace Natural Beauty
  4. Shanique aka Journey to Waistlength
  5. Mini Marley
  6. TheChicNatural
  7. Brandi Lofton
  8. Ebony’s Curly TV
  9. Mo Knows Hair
  10. GrahamsNaturalsCurls
  11. Ambrosia Malbrough
  12. Alisha Williams
  13. MyNaturalSistas
  14. Bmazingvlogs
  15. Daye La Soul
  16. Kensthetic
  17. BiancaRenee Today
  18. Naturalhairrocks
  19. Naturally Curly
  20. Curly Guy
  21. Tia Kirby

There are thousands of other natural hair guru’s that inspire and help us on our natural hair journey. And they have also broken down barriers and dispelled myths about Afro-textured hair. It’s not always about the views or amount of clicks they receive on their social media accounts or Youtube channels that define their contributions to the natural hair community.

This small tribute is our way of saying, ” THANK YOU” for giving us the insight and courage to wear our hair with dignity.


Okay, I’m handing the mic over to you. Who did you turn to at the beginning of your journey? Share the names of influencers on your list and the reason(s) why they inspire you.



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