5 Reasons To Care For Your Natural Hair

One day, I was online typing away going on about how a woman’s hair was her crown and glory. I have come to find that a young woman had done the chop and was liberated. I would soon be Spartan kicked off of my high horse when I removed my head wrap later that night. Due to my lack of care for my own hair, my hair had grown severely matted, dry and I had developed bald spots. I ended up chopping off my hair that night. Avoid my mistakes and learn 5 reasons why natural hair care is so important. From protecting your hair from the elements to discovering that black hair isn’t as strong as people make it out to be.

1. It can’t protect itself

With the changing seasons comes changing weather conditions. Your natural hair may thrive in the beautiful April showers but not so much in the sizzling summer or teeth-chattering winters. If your hair is not properly protected from the heat or cold, your delicate strands can dry out and will break off. Care for your hair the same as you care for your skin. Moisturize and cover-up. There are many protective styles out there as well if you aren’t one for wearing a scarf or a hat all summer or winter long.

2. It will fall out

A myth that has been passed down from generation to generation is that a dirty scalp will make natural hair grow faster. But ladies and gentlemen, that is a lie and I am not sure who said it or why. Without a proper hair care regimen that involves weekly or bi-weekly wash days, your scalp will result in product build-up that can clog pores and lead to hair loss, cause dandruff and an itchy scalp.

3. Natural Hair is weak

Growing up, when I would get my hair relaxed, I heard from my hairdresser that natural hair is strong. Of course, this was another myth. In fact, black hair happens to be the weakest hair type. Within each strand, curl is a breaking point. That is why natural hair often needs to be handled gently. It cannot be held up in headbands and hair ties for too long. These styles would put stress on the hair and needs to be wrapped at night so as to avoid breakage. So if you don’t protect your hair from stress and wonder why it isn’t “growing”, this may be why.

4. Natural hair is dry

Due to the curls in the strands of black hair, the natural oils from the scalp do not travel down the hair shaft which leads to constant drying. With the weak points in the strands, dry hair can lead to more breakage. In order to maintain the health and strength of the hair, black hair needs to be moisturized daily and often with water and sealing oils or moisturizers to keep the hair from drying out.

5. You won’t hate your hair

Without a natural hair care regimen, afro-textured hair can become matted, dull and unflattering left on its own. It is hard to love something that isn’t beautiful and natural hair is beautiful in all of its textures and at all of its lengths if it is properly cared for. If you do not care for it, you will miss out on all the joy and pride of having natural hair which could lead to loathing and shame.

Bottom Line

I know that many people in the transition phase may not know what to do with their natural hair and doubt that it can look cute. As you adopt a natural hair regimen, you will come to learn what your hair needs and new ways to express your individual personality through styling your natural hair. The process can be very liberating and empowering. Don’t be like me and leave it to itself, you and your hair deserves the best care!


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By: Kierra Walsh


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