5 Inexpensive Ways To Protect Natural Hair When Pregnant

How These 5 Easy Protective Tricks Have Helped My Natural Hair When Pregnant

When I was first pregnant, I was overjoyed!

Yeah, until the reality of pregnancy really kicked in. Let me tell you something, I. Was. Sick!

I was so sick and so tired! And yet I had time in between my misery to feast like a starving animal on what may have contributed to my pathetic state. Now, I have some stories.

Not including the embarrassment of getting caught eating a whole red velvet cake propped up on my lap, likely with a forkful in my mouth. Of course, that did happen but it wasn’t one of my worst experiences during my first pregnancy.

Depending on how you look at it, it may have been one of my best. But there are one (of many) experiences we pregnant mama’s share and that is an amazing head of hair.

Most people these days are busy, and when you’re preggers you’re busy and tired.

And hair care might be on the bottom of your to-do-list so we’ve compiled 5 easy steps to keep hair loss to a minimum when pregnant.


1. Moisturize!

Save those locks with frequent Wash n’ Go’s.

Dry hair leads to more damage which promotes hair loss.

So try not to beat your hormone levels to the punch and assist in the shedding of your hair.

A wash n’ go can be one of the easiest and healthiest looks for your hair as you try to survive the struggles of pregnancy.

Swollen hands and fatigue, anyone?


2. Massage!

Grab your oil, lay back and pamper that scalp with a gentle massage, you deserve it and may need it more than you think if you plan on limiting the amount of postpartum hair loss that may be headed your way.

It is believed that a massage increases blood circulation to your scalp, which creates healthy hair follicles that tend to do a better job of holding on to the root of the hair.


3. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

This is an obvious but necessary reminder, for you and baby.

Prenatal vitamins are rich in the good stuff that is not only great for a developing new little human, a healthy mom but also healthy hair.

These vitamins are likely to be enriched with the same vitamins that can be found in hair supplements, such as Zinc, Vitamins A and C, as well as Biotin just to name a few.

4. Drink Up!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water is said to be a key ingredient that supports vitamins and makes up 25% of a single strand of hair.

So imagine what happens to hair that just isn’t getting enough. It loses body and therefore, strength.

Something it is going to need a lot of to last that natural cycle of letting go of the old [hair] in order to make room for the new.

Drinking water also triggers the energy that is transmitted from the scalp to the tips of the hair. So drink your hair full!

5. Protein, Protein, Protein!

Protein is full of Biotin, Vitamin B7. The hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Biotin improves Keratin infrastructure.

It is proven that women given Biotin experienced a significant amount of hair growth.

You can get enough Biotin through a healthy diet but if you want to go the extra mile and take a supplement, I would highly recommend consulting your OBGYN first and even letting them examine the brand you are interested in.

Safety first!


Bad News!

During pregnancy, your estrogen and androgen levels increase. This increase causes your hair to look shinier, healthier and for many women, thicker.

That is because on average, we shed up to 100 strands of hair a day when we aren’t pregnant! I know, shocking right?

But this number decreases during pregnancy. When you are with child, your rising estrogen levels prolong the growth stage of your three-stage growth cycle, leading to less fallout.

Of course, when the baby is born, the pregnancy ends and so will the benefits of that, thick and shiny hair.


Now The Good News!

The good news is that although pregnancy may feel like torture, in about six to nine months postpartum as your hormones go back to normal so will everything else. Unfortunately, so will your hair but don’t stress.

As your body reverts back to its normal rhythm, this change will lead to your hair falling out as it makes way for new healthy hair.

For some women, it can be a frightening amount of hair loss but don’t panic, it’s normal.

Allow these 5 hair saving tips to assist you in doing the best you can to maintain and prolong that luscious head of curls while you can.


Are there any steps missing from the list? What tips worked for you during your pregnancy?


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By: Kierra Walsh


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