The 3 Best Ways To Protect Your Strands When Swimming

Oh, beautiful morning! Oh, beautiful day! Summer is here but fading away.

Car doors slam as people head to pools and water parks to avoid the hot weather. At the same time, music is streaming through open windows in constant battle with shrieking children as they dive into the cool water. The… the aroma of food cooking on grills as family and friends relax by the pool. Eventually, the sky beyond the trees turns a muted shade of bluish pink as the sun sets across the water park. Most of our summer days end this way, but if you’re swimming skills are minimal, then sticking your feet in the water is another way to beat the summer heat.

But, did you know most pools contain chlorine, a gaseous matter that helps keep the pool free of bacteria? Chlorine is drying to the hair and skin. And when chlorinated water and wet hair collide, the hair shaft absorbs the water, which strips the hair of its natural sebum. As a result, excessive drying can contribute to split ends and hair breakage. In addition, chlorine causes small amounts of metal to enter the water, and tint the hair if you have lighter colored hair.

Then, what can you do to protect your natural hair? First of all, wearing a swimming cap is a practical choice as the cap prevents the water from touching your hair. But, most of us don’t have swimming caps lying around the house to protect our hair. So, if you swim in chlorinated pools; deep condition your hair before swimming then apply oil and conditioner to your hair and scalp. Afterward, cleanse and deep condition to purge your hair of chlorine as soon as possible.

The summer months are around the corner so follow these steps to protect your hair before and after swimming.


How do you protect your hair before and after swimming? What do you love most about summer? We want to hear your comments!


Check out how these Youtube Queens protect their hair when swimming:





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