10 Not So Secret Natural Hair Tips In 5 Minutes or So

There are so many tips available for you and this article is just a guideline. What proven tips would you add to the list? Here’s what we’ve come up with:


1. Detangling With A Fine Tooth Comb – Your hair should be detangled with a wide-tooth comb only. The fine-tooth combs because of their short spacing will snag and pull on your knotted hair strands. However, a wide-tooth comb will glide through your curls and remove it gently.


2. Not Deep Conditioning – Deep conditioning on a weekly basis allows your hair strands to be fortified with moisture, as well as protein. This nourishment is needed in order to bring your hair to an optimally healthy condition. If you avoid deep conditioning your curls will become limp and weak.


3. Avoiding Scalp Massages – Scalp massages aid in promoting hair growth. Nightly scalp massages will promote blood circulation beneath the scalp. Our blood contains all of the nutrients needed for hair growth once our follicles are nourished. If we all want our hair to grow rapidly, then we should be ding nightly scalp massages with various hair growth oils.


4. Using A Shampoo With Sulfate – Sulfates are known to draw out the dirt, product, and debris from your scalp and hair strands. However, they will take out the moisture and the naturals oils which are needed to nourish your new growth as well as hair strands.


5. Heat Styling Consistently – Consistent heat styling will break down the protective barrier of your hair strands which is made up of protein. If this is broken down, then your hair will be more susceptible to breakage, single strands, and split ends during styling, manipulation and even the environment.



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6. Not Washing Your Hair Consistently – our hair accumulates excess oils and products especially if we style on a daily basis or are heavy-handed with products. Hence, you need to wash your hair on a weekly basis to cleanse and condition your hair. This will refresh your curls to last another week of styling.


7. Avoiding Hot Oil Treatments – Occasionally our hair needs TLC and hot oil treatments aid in that. The heat from the oil will open up the hair cuticles for the nourishment of the oil to be transferred to the strands. In addition, it will soften as well as rejuvenate your hair strands. The great thing about hot oil treatments is that it can be done with any oil!


8. Not Cutting Your Hair – Our ends are the oldest part of our hair. Not only are they dead, but they are dry and limp. Hence, cutting them will give your curls a fresh look and feel.


9. Not Moisturizing – Moisture is key because our hair is dry to the nature of our strand. The sebum that is produced by our scalp is not able to travel to the end of our strands because of the curly nature of it. Hence, we need to apply moisture from products to nourish our strands.


 10. Not Protective Styling – Protective styling should be done occasionally to give your hair a break from daily or weekly styling You can do a bun, mini twists or even braids! These styles prevent you from styling your hair for an extended period of time so it can recover as well as strengthen.


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